Our latest creation

The roller coaster is EV3 powered, it uses a color sensor for sensing the arrival of a train and then initializes the Mindstorms program loop.

Visitors are being sent on a mission to an alien world. After they get launched into space they orbit a potentially interesting planet and initialize the landing. Once landed they find a dangerous world with enormous monsters. A giant sand worm eats them at the end of the ride.

100% lego roller coaster with the new EV3 mindstorms controlling.
It has a new station that is controlled by a touch and a color sensor.
The stations has a lego chain to make the trains stop.

Time lapse of the making of a roller coaster. See the roller coaster in action on our channel.

Video made by Motiontales (

100% lego roller coaster with totally new track system.
It has 2 lift hills, a loop and a corkscrew.

Work in progress

This one requires a LOT of LEGO technic connectors and joiners, but looks damn cool and you can do pretty much anything with it.

A time lapse of us building the 7 car lego roller coaster

28 minifigs crashing in a horrible Lego roller coaster accident!
Track didn't hold up against the 28 mini figs making the train top heavy..

May they all rest in pieces

100% lego roller coaster with banked turns, loop, lift and 7 cars.
This lego roller coaster is about 5x1x0.8 (lwh) meters big. The train weighs more than 400 grams (without minifigs). It took about 4 to 5 days to make with 3 persons.

Process of making our 100% Lego Rollercoaster.