Mission 5: Space Encounters

Our latest creation

The roller coaster is EV3 powered, it uses a color sensor for sensing the arrival of a train and then initializes the Mindstorms program loop.

Visitors are being sent on a mission to an alien world. After they get launched into space they orbit a potentially interesting planet and initialize the landing. Once landed they find a dangerous world with enormous monsters. A giant sand worm eats them at the end of the ride.

3 thoughts on “Mission 5: Space Encounters

  1. Hello again we talked via email several times a few years ago when I first started my project. I am now getting towards the end and am running into a few problems. I have tried your new car design (only one car so far parts for more are ordered) and found this car to be much heavier than the past one which is causing issues with my loop, so looking for advise. Also had issues with the car length as well but I have solved this by reducing from a #9 Axle to a #7 dropping the connectors on the end a attaching it via a #5 liftarm in the middle (Vertically). I am also having issue with the top and bottom of the lift hill but I am hoping running multiple cars will solve this.

  2. Did you also use the new track design? It’s much stonger than the previous, because it’s slightly narrower, so the wheels fit better

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